Voices of Silence – Abortion Stories

Welcome to the interactive space “Abortion Stories—Voices of Silence”. We invite you to take part in this collection of multiple abortion experiences by recording your abortion story and uploading the audio file through the form below. Abortion stories are common, even if they are not told. That’s why the video aims to grow with time and your voices. If you have a story to tell, we are glad to hear it and add it to the video. Otherwise, feel free to listen to the other testimonies by clicking on the play button.

Tell your abortion story

  1. Record your abortion story as wav, mp3 or ogg (WhatsApp Audio)
  2. Upload your story here:

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    This project is part of the Class of Cultural Activism 2021 at the University of York.

    Thank you for the collaboration, the sorority, and the support!

    All stories should be told!