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Join our path of data-based information about abortion in the world believes that knowledge and information can be used effectively to socially decriminalized abortion around the world.
Producing and sharing conversations and content about abortion contributes to a world where individuals have access to accurate and comprehensive information about this topic.
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Our approach

Collective work

The AbortionData Collective is an open platform for collective work and collaboration, offering diverse levels of engagement. This shared space allows for varying levels of participation and provides an active environment where people can hold us accountable for providing comprehensive and high-quality information, as well as become active agents of transformation for abortion narratives and strengthen networks of activism.


AbortionData is based on an infrastructure of information composed by research, data mapping, communication of data and facts related to abortion. To spread the word, we have implemented conversation circles, a website, social media and transmedia projects. This information structure serves as an invaluable source to enable new ways of imagining and constructing narratives about abortion.

Get Involved

You want to take part in our journey? There are several ways to get involved:

Join us

It is our belief that the organization is made up of the energies, dreams, and values of those who work on it. If you are interested in learning more about how you can join us, please contact us.
  • Research in your country
  • Post on social media
  • Translate content
  • Become an ambassador

Become a donor!


By donating, you can help break the silence surrounding abortion. With the collective support, we can ensure that the conversation about abortion keeps spreading.
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  • Fund your country
  • Regular donations
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Cooperate & Collaborate

We are always looking for ways to promote and expand our content. Do you have an idea that aligns with our mission? Drop us a line! Together, we can make a difference in promoting abortion information.
  • Provide Data
  • Collect Data
  • Local Projects
  • Publish on AbortionData


Our Mission

We transform the abortion discourse

Our mission is to revolutionize the collective mindset regarding abortion by providing infrastructures of information that empower communities to imagine alternative narratives about abortions. These new narratives should be scientifically based and informed with a human rights, social, and reproductive justice approach.

To achieve this, we are determined to put information about abortion in the hands of as many people as possible, enabling them to become active changemakers in abortion discourses.

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Welcome to AbortionData

We are a feminist and transnational collective that presents comprehensive and easy-to-understand #abortiondata.

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