South America
Abortion in Paraguay

In Paraguay, the topic of abortion is a complex and controversial issue that touches upon various aspects of reproductive rights, healthcare, and social norms. While Paraguayan law allows for therapeutic abortion in certain circumstances, ground reality presents significant challenges for ...

Abortion in Bolivia

In Bolivia, abortion is allowed under certain circumstances, such as the risk to the life or health of the pregnant person, rape, incest, and severe fetal malformations. However, there are barriers that hinder access to legal abortions, including social stigma, lack of information, and the ...

Abortion in Chile

In 2017, Chile legalized abortion in three scenarios: risk to the pregnant person's life, fetal malformation, and rape. However, due to its recent implementation, 70% of Chile's population is either unaware or only partially aware of the protocols for accessing abortion services . This lack of ...

Abortion in Argentina

The state of the law in Argentina falls within the category of countries where individuals can freely request access to safe abortion up to 14 weeks of gestation (VLP). After this period, the law regulates abortion if the life or health of the pregnant person is in danger or if the pregnancy is the ...

Abortion in Guatemala

Abortion in Guatemala is highly restricted and penalized. It is legal only in cases where the pregnant person's life is at risk. A government decision in 2022 criminalized abortions and increased the penalties for undergoing, aiding or promoting access to termination of pregnancy anywhere between 3 ...

Abortion Stigma in Colombia

Abortion Stigma Report 2022 Abortion Stigma in Colombia Abortion is decriminalised in Colombia and is legal with no restrictions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Yet, the abortion stigma continues to persist. In our new study, we find answers to barriers faced by abortion seekers in ...

Abortion in Colombia

Colombia now has some of the most liberal abortion laws in Latin America. In 2008, Colombia induced an estimated 400,400 abortions, of which only 322 were legal procedures or Voluntary Interruptions of Pregnancy (IVE) performed in healthcare facilities.


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