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Knowledge is power, and at AbortionData, we are dedicated to providing accurate, fact-based information about abortion. Empowering people all over the world with the information they need to engage in informed conversations and advocate for reproductive rights and justice. Join us in our efforts to make a difference and become a part of a global community committed to creating a better future for all.
Different Ways to Stay Informed

fact-based information combats
abortion stigma

WebsiteThe website provides a comprehensive collection of data on abortion across various countries, including information on the state of abortion access, laws, and regulation.
Social MediaOur social media channels offer valuable information about abortion, giving you a great opportunity to learn more.
Trans-media projectsOur transmedia projects seek to broaden the information about abortion by bringing it to offline spaces. By doing so, we can spread the message to a much larger audience.

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We are a feminist and transnational collective that presents comprehensive and easy-to-understand #abortiondata.

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