We change the abortion discourse.

AbortionData.org produces, shares and creates conversations about abortion in the world

"Comprehensive abortion care includes the provision of information"

The World Health Organization

Creating conversations about abortion

AbortionData.org believes that knowledge and information can be used effectively to support abortion seekers around the world. Producing, sharing, and creating conversations and content about abortion contributes to a world where individuals have access to accurate and comprehensive information about this topic.

Provide abortion-related information

We conduct research on abortion, especially topics which have not been examined in depth previously. As an organisation, we are particularly interested in producing knowledge that promotes awareness of abortion as a widespread social and medical subject.

Improve the accessibility and understanding of scientific information

We analyse and democratise academic papers related to abortion that may be of interest to abortion seekers, advocates, and the wider public.

Start conversations about abortion

By convening conversation circles and workshops, we combat abortion misinformation, share abortion experiences, and discuss our favourite topic: abortions.

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By donating, you can be part of the solution. With the support of other organizations and individuals, we are able to spread the word about abortion

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It is our belief that the organization is made up of the energies, dreams, and values of those who work on it. If you are interested in learning more about how you can collaborate, please contact us


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We are here to strengthen the chain of information on safe abortion.

By providing accurate information regarding abortion, people can take control of their health by recognizing that abortion is a common, safe and non-invasive medical procedure. Abortion stigma, however, is responsible for the silence surrounding abortion, which has led to 45% of abortions being performed in unsafe conditions. 

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We are a feminist and transnational collective that presents comprehensive and easy-to-understand #abortiondata.

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