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Our mission is to revolutionize the collective mindset regarding abortion by providing infrastructures of information that empower communities to imagine alternative narratives about abortions. These new narratives should be data—based and informed with a human rights, social, and reproductive justice approach.

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Information is Power

Abortion is not a bad word,
let’s have abortion talks!


We build a reliable source of information

Information about abortion is often surrounded by myths and silence.
The provision of accurate information is essential to destigmatize abortion and empower communities to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and reproductive health. 

Information changes discourses

Abortion misperceptions are created and propagated as a result of a lack of information.
The provision of scientifically based information breaks social cycles of stigma, allowing new narratives about abortion to emerge.

Information saves lives

An unsafe abortion is one of the most common preventable causes of maternal death.
By providing comprehensive information about abortion, this situation can be changed.

An informed narrative about abortion is possible…

We conduct researchConducting quality research to understand abortion and stigma around the world is essential to know what are current challenges in public health.
We make existing information more accessible Making abortion information accessible and user-friendly is essential to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights.
We create conversationsBring the abortion conversation to different spaces to solve questions and promote the dialogue is vital to have informed societies and more healthy abortion debates.
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Welcome to AbortionData

We are a feminist and transnational collective that presents comprehensive and easy-to-understand #abortiondata.

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