Arab World
Abortion in Lebanon

Abortion in Lebanon has been legally restrictive since 1943, with strict prohibitions against individuals, professionals, and institutions providing abortion services. Limited exceptions exist only for cases where there's a danger to the pregnant person's life, requiring consensus from three health ...

Abortion in Turkey

Abortion in Turkey has been regulated by law as of 1983 under its ‘Population Planning Law’ whereby it is permitted until the 10th week of gestation. From then on, abortion is only permitted in cases where it poses danger or risk to the pregnant person’s life, who is legally referred to as “the ...

Abortion in Egypt

Abortion in Egypt is prohibited and restricted by law. As per articles 260-264 of the  Criminal Code, it is established that abortion is illegal and criminalized, i.e., anyone who either gets an abortion performed or anyone involved in the process in any way will be punished by law. ...

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