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What to find on AbortionData.org

AbortionData.org has been created to document, count, and display the number of abortions around the world. It is a database that aims to contribute to the discussion, visualize the phenomenon and reveal gender data gaps.
To collaborate to the global abortion analysis, the platform contents information about:

  • Number of complete abortions
  • Official & Unofficial Data
  • Methods of Abortions
  • National Laws
  • Abortion with Pills
  • Abortion Data Gaps
What do we do?

AbortionData.org provides an overview of abortion data, with the intention to include as much existing information as possible to give an idea about the world’s abortion reality. We want to break the silence regarding completed abortions, facing all kinds of barriers of abortion stigma to collect, analyse and provide updated data. For this reason, we also emphasize the gaps of information.

This platform aims to give voice to all people who had abortions.

Every story matters, every abortion counts, and we are here to count together.

“What Gets Counted Counts”

Catherine D’Ignazio & Lauren Klein
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Abortion is an uncounted but common experience. Learn more


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