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As a transnational and feminist collective, AbortionData
creates and disseminates narratives that present
abortion as a public health and social justice issue,
destigmatizes this procedure and improves access to
reliable information and safe abortions.
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We envision a world in which people can access safe and reliable abortion-related information without fear of criminalization or social stigma. A world in which abortion is discussed using facts and framed as a problem of social justice and public health, providing abortion seekers, care professionals, and advocates with a respectful and supportive space.


Our mission is to revolutionize the collective mindset regarding abortion by providing information that empowers communities to imagine alternative narratives about abortions. These new narratives should be data -based and informed with a human rights, social, and reproductive justice approach.

Values at the Heart

As an organization and as individuals, we believe in the following values:
Collective mindset
Care about others, their life experience and trajectories. 
Building, re-building, unbuilding together.
Collective work as a chance to learn, develop, and broaden horizons.
Individual responsibility to support collective projects and relationships.
Respect that we deal with human experiences.
Embrace processes. 
“Feminism as a method for research but also for activism” Angela Y. Davis. 
Critical approach to examining systems of power.
Fun as an intrinsic part of activism. 
Critical approach to examining power structures.
Think beyond the dominant knowledge paradigms.
Seek other schools of knowledge and learning.
Our Team

We are individuals from different parts of the world
who believe in reproductive justice