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a new abortion discourse

AbortionData.org is a platform to eliminate misinformation, myths, and fears surrounding abortion in the world by producing, sharing, and making accessible accurate information about abortion.
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Our vision is to create a world in which people can easily access accurate and comprehensive abortion information. With this initiative, we hope to count and register different abortion experiences, visualize this phenomenon, and challenge the power behind the silence.

The platform aims to contribute to the global abortion debate by focusing on::

  • Produce information about abortion
  • Make scientific information more accessible and easy to understand
  • Create conversations about abortions

This platform provides a space for people to learn about abortion without stigma or fear. Abortion is not a bad word, and we are here to help people understand the importance of talking and creating dialogues about abortions. 

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Our Team

We are individuals from different parts of the world
who believe in reproductive justice

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